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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal:

Dissertation proposal:

As the term suggests, you have to write a dissertation proposal, before your start writing your dissertation.

Primarily, you have to submit your dissertation proposals due to many fundamental reasons.

For instance, you have to convince your course supervisor/department/research committee that the topic you have selected for further investigation is worth studying and is based on intellectual merits in all aspects.

In addition, your course supervisor or dissertation committee needs to make sure that your proposed dissertation topic is not too narrow or too broad, and this is because your dissertation has to be in the right direction right from its very start.

Second, the dissertation writer must be an expert in his field so that he can present the research facts effectively.

The Proposed Title:

Do not think negatively if your title is a little dubious or if it changes to some extent, as you write the original piece of work. The dissertation proposal is precisely a proposal in fact. Hence, it is a statement of intent instead of serving like an unconditional guarantee that everything you specify within the dissertation plan will be eventually incorporated in your finalized dissertation submission.

Introduction & Background:
In your dissertation proposal, you have to give a research background indicating the prime reasons, goals and objectives of your proposed dissertation writing projects in brief details by using not more than 150 words.

In introduction, you have to mention whether your intended research program is based on a review and analysis of existing literature. Alternatively, will it conduct interviews or questionnaires, and so on? The introduction and background section, therefore, includes the reasons for your topic and an overview of the procedure.

Review of the Literature:

  • The literature search should highlight some of the existing knowledge and updated information on the subject while mentioning how your research relates to it.
  • Instead of adding padding materials in the name of the literature review, you have to add something new into the existing knowledge database.

The Research Methodology:

  • The methodology is the research technique you want to use in your research. The most important are quantitative, qualitative, primary and secondary techniques.
  • In the methodology section, the dissertation proposal must cover a good quantity of books and journals on the same topic of your research.
  • When writing about research methodologies, you have to mention ethical consideration as well, when needed.

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